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JXP321-01 Type Passenger Elevator Cabin

JXP321-01 Passenger Elevator Cabin(Elevator Components)

Main Parameters of JXP321-01 Passenger Elevator Cabin:
Load capacity of Passenger elevator cabin: 630~1600kg
Rated speed of Passenger elevator cabin: 0.5~2.5m/s

Passenger elevator cabin's characteristics:
   1) Design of the cabin frame is made on the basis of finite element analysis, and structural member is made by bending the plate.
   2) The Elevator Cabin has a movable platform and there is only small vibration.
   3)Several kinds of cabin wall materials, such as steel spraying plastics, striped stainless steel, and mirror stainless steel etc.
   4) More than a dozen of ceiling styles are available, and the decoration of elevator cabin is concise and vivid.
   5) Non-standard design is available according to customer's requirements.

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